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I'm a middle-aged, professional medical writer with a decidedly non-professional fiction hobby.

I enjoy writing about the grown-ups in the Potterverse, particularly McGonagall. Rowling gave us just enough about her to intrigue me, but she left the juicy details to the reader's (and fanfic writer's!) imagination. You can find my fanfic here and at An Archive of Our Own, and The Petulant Poetess. I keep a running list of recommended Minerva-centric fics at my Diigo page.

I'm a proud member of the Harry Potter Old Lady Smut Brigade, so the fics I write may contain adult themes. I will always warn for non-con, graphic violence, bestiality, incest, or underage sex. I don't warn for homosexual relationships or sex, or threesomes/moresomes, unless it contains one of the aforementioned elements.

Happy reading and scribbling!

Disclaimers: Anything from the Harry Potter canon belongs solely to its creator, J.K. Rowling, and her licensees. Original plot, character, dialog, etc. is mine.

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