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Professor Scopatore O.M. (Fourth Class) is an editor and administrator of the Harry Potter Fanon Wiki.

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Hello! I am Danny De Santa, also known by my username Scopatore. I've been a fan of Harry Potter since I was seven years old and I absolutely love coming up with fanon for the universe. It's such a rich and beautiful world and I love messing with it. :p

I am a proud Hufflepuff on Pottermore!

And no, my profile picture is not of me....

About Me

You probably don't care, but I'll just leave this here for people who are curious. I was born in Italy in the late 90's, came over to Canada when I was young and have lived in Vancouver ever since. Dad is Italian, my mom is Polish and I have two younger brothers. I'm a practicing Roman Catholic, went to Catholic school for twelve years and am politically conservative/libertarian.

I don't really write fanfiction too much; I'm a world-builder and just love adding on to the lore of the Potterverse, though my universe becomes more and more dissimilar to the regular HP universe with each passing day, owed to J.K. Rowling's word-of-god posts on twitter and new material published on Pottermore. My history of Ilvermorny for my universe was created before the official publication of the story, back when all we had was speculation. I had my own plans for the school so I didn't go with Rowling's version.

My Universes

Scopatore Universe

Prince's World

Wolf Among Us

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