Template:Character infobox Lord Timothy Bender, more or less affectionately known as the Old Dog to many citizens of Kinnimoore, is a member of the Parliament of Kinnimoore. Bender serves as the Minister of War of Kinnimoore, in charge of maintaining the Royal Guard and maintaining defense readiness. Lord Bender served on the Royal Guard from 1898 to 1946, and as Grand Marshal from 1930 to 1946, when he was elected to Parliament. Upon his election, he was appointed to serve as the Minister of Justice. In 1962, he was reassigned to head the Ministry of War.

Bender, has a very aggressive personality, and many suspect him to have oppositional defiant disorder. Due to his aggresive personality, some have likened him to a bulldog, resulting in his nickname. Bender is the second-most senior member of Parliament, penultimate to Henry Weaver. Bender desperately wants to become Prime Minister of Kinnimoore before he dies. He has made himself known as a fierce critic of Weaver, and is apt to denounce any acts made by him.

Parliament of Kinnimoore

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