{{Potion infobox
|name            = Full title
|image           = Image of potion, maximum 250px
|effect          = The effect that the potion has when used (if known)
|side-effects    = Possible side effects of the potion (if known)
|characteristics = The colour, taste, and/or consistency of the completed potion (if known)
|time            = The time it takes to brew the potion (if known)
|difficulty      = How complex the potion is to make (e.g., simple, moderate, or advanced)
|ingredients     = Ingredients of the potion (if known)
|inventor        = The person who invented the potion (if known)
|manufacturer    = The company that produces the potion, if it is a commercial product (if known)

Clean template

{{Potion infobox
|name            = 
|image           = 
|effect          = 
|side-effects    = 
|characteristics = 
|time            = 
|difficulty      = 
|ingredients     = 
|inventor        = 
|manufacturer    = 
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