• ...that you can discuss this wiki, policies, and articles in our forums?
  • ...that you can use Article templates to make your life easier when adding new articles?
  • ...that the Apparition Administration is responsible for granting American witches and wizards their Apparition licenses?
  • ...that Witness Stone School is home to the ten-ton manguinary?
  • ...that the Goblin Invasion of Hogwarts was led by Slipfang?
  • ...that practitioners of mysticism did not use spells, wands, or potions to conduct magic?
  • ...that Rodger Sounders was tortured by Death Eaters for three days, and still managed to escape?


  • ...that the first Harry Potter fan-fiction was published in 1999?
  • ...that James Potter married Narcissa Black in the Scopatore universe?
  • ...that Anipheon IX ruled over Al-Antidia for a total of 1510 years before being deposed?
  • ...that the spell Tempus is non-canon and solely used in fan-fiction?
  • ...that the concept of Magical Cores has its origins and is only present in fanon?
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