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The Shachihoko is a species of magical fish native to Japan. It is also known as a Rainmaker Carp.


From the neck down, the Shachihoko is fish-like in appearance. However, its head resembles that of a Muggle tiger. It has sharp teeth and multiple fins all over its body. It has red scales everywhere except its underbelly, which has orange scales. It has a row of spikes running down its back and brilliant green eyes.


The Shachihoko is a very peaceful and docile creature that tends to keep to itself. It is almost always seen at the center of a rainstorm as they have the ability to instantly create a storm should the need arise. The Shachihoko is trusting of humans, so it has been kept as a guardian of wizarding households for centuries, due to its ability to cause rain to protect a house from fires.


A massive fire at a Japanese building complex in 1992 was only stopped by the timely intervention of a Shachihoko, who, thankfully, went unseen by any Muggles on the scene.

A tamed Shachihoko is kept in a lake on the grounds of Mahoutokoro School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is used in Care of Magical Creatures classes. It is very docile, but it can be troublesome towards students and faculty, as they may have to walk past the lake when the carp is causing a rain storm.


The Shachihoko's rain making abilities can help put out fires, which is useful if one doesn't know how to perform a strong enough Flame Freezing Charm.


  • Despite its fierce appearance, the Shachihoko is rated XX by the Ministry of Magic, as it is peaceful and will even help put out fires with its rain-making abilities.