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Professor Pietro Alessio Maximoff, Order of the Star of Romania, Hero of the Republic, Order of Horus, Order of St. Clair (born Pietro Alessio De Santa; 22 September 1977), also known as Lupe when in his animagus form, was a half-blood wizard from southern Italy, son of the late Donatello De Santa and his wife, Carmela (née Scicolone). Born in Naples, Pietro lost his father at the age of three. After his father's death, Carmela remarried Antoine Maximoff, a Romanian widower from New Zealand and author who had a son of his own: Mateo. He took his step-father's last name and began attending the New Alexandria School of Enlightenment in 1988, followed by his younger brother Marco in 1990.

In 1994, he was part of the New Alexandrian delegation to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France, to attend the newly-revived Triwizard Tournament. It was there he met Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum, whom he would later face off against in a series of challenges. Finishing the event in first place, Pietro was the first ever New Alexandrian champion and first winner of the resurrected tournament. He and Fleur would later begin dating during the summer, which he divided his time between the Delacour Mansion and touring France. They soon became engaged, and Fleur took a job in Egypt in order to stay close to Pietro as he finished his University years at New Alexandria, being given a place in Egypt's all-Wizard town of Jaharta by Pietro's godfather, Petros Galifinakis. In the summer of 1997, Pietro invited both his and Fleur's family to spend part of the summer in Greece at his godfather's mansion in order to acquaint the families further. To the young couple's relief, the two families got on very well. Pietro graduated in the New Alexandria University class of 1998, with him and Fleur marrying on the 17th of July that same year.

The union produced two daughters: Luna Maria (b. 1999) and Vittoria Liara (b. 2003), and despite his wife's Veela heritage making it quite rare, a son: Donatello Luciano (b. 2001). Pietro and his family began living in Maximoff Manor, a mansion on the island of Montegona off the coast of Italy. Pietro began teaching Muggle Studies and Advanced Defence at the European Magical University while his wife became a full-time mother to their children.


Early Life (1977 - 1988)

Pietro Alessio De Santa was born on September 22, 1977 to Donatello and Carmela De Santa, both prominent Aurors. He was born in Montecalvario, a neighbourhood of Naples, during the British Wizarding Civil War. While most of the fighting was contained in Britain, Death Eater sympathizers were growing in number around continental Europe. In 1980, Pietro's father passed away from injuries sustained after fighting off several Death Eater sympathizers after they attacked a hospital; he defended the evacuation of the patients. The hospital was renamed the Donatello De Santa Hospital for Injuries shortly afterwards and he moved to Rocca d'Angelo, his mother's hometown.

Some years after, his mother remarried, becoming the spouse of Antoine Maximoff, a New Zealand-born Romanian author and philanthropist, who was also a widower himself. The family moved to his mother's birthplace of Rocca d'Angelo, Campania. Pietro came to love the man as if he was his own father, always referring to him as "dad" and even taking his last name, convincing his brother to do the same. Unfortunately, his stepbrother Mateo was very bitter towards the rest of the family; he felt that his father had tried to forget his mother and replace her with Carmela. Although Pietro disliked how he behaved, he could never bring himself to truly hate him and still saw him as if he was his own brother. His brother Marco however, would routinely get into fights with the Romanian and came to despise him for a time.

Pietro and Marco grew up in a large farmhouse on Via Caminate. In addition to his family, the home housed his grandparents, uncle, aunt and two cousins. He was neighbours with Clemente Alborosie, who unbeknownst to Pietro, was also a wizard. He was home educated in reading and writing by his stepfather, who was an author, and linguistics and history, both magical and muggle, by his mother. Pietro, Marco and Clemente were best friends growing up and did nearly everything together. When his twin half-sisters: Wanda and Marya were born, Pietro took time to help his mother in raising them, which left Marco jealous at all the attention not only his mother and stepfather gave them, but Pietro too. Though he later smoothed things over with his little brother and they returned to being the closest of friends.

New Alexandria School of Enlightenment (1988 - 1998)

First Year

Anastas Zabat: "[...] He bears a different surname, but it is still the same boy. You remember his father do you not?"
Aslan Burak: "All too well..."
Anastas Zabat: "From what I hear, he is much like him."
Aslan Burak: "You say that like it's a good thing..."
— Headmaster Zabat and Professor Burak talking about Pietro's enrollment into New Alexandria.

Pietro began attending the New Alexandria School of Enlightenment at the age of ten instead of eleven like usual. As his birthday was only a few weeks shy of the first day of school, Pietro was not held back a year. He was taken by his parents and his godfather to Cairo, where they went through a secret floo at a train station, bringing them to Ahmet Station, where students board an airship to take them to the school. After giving his last goodbyes to his family, he boarded the ship. Picking out a cabin in the middle of the ship, he was joined by Rawya Zaghloul, a pure-blood. Pietro instantly took a liking to the shy witch and the two became friends.

After the airship docked at New Alexandria, Pietro was clenched to by Rawya, who refused to leave the ship if Pietro didn't hold her hand. Hand in hand, the two children marched with the crowd through the massive campus towards the main building, earning a few chuckles from other students and allegations of the two being boyfriend and girlfriend, which made both Pietro and Rawya blush. After being sat down at the cafeteria tables in the Great Hall, Pietro was surprised to find Clemente Alborosie, his neighbour from Rocca d'Angelo, sitting across from him. He introduced Clemente to Rawya before catching up with his old friend. After Headmaster Zabat made his introductory speech and the students had their large feast, the children were put in groups. Rawya was told to join a different group than Pietro and Clemente, but she grabbed Pietro's hand and demanded to be put in the same group together. The professor relented and Pietro made his way to the Elmas Wing of the school with the Egyptian witch clutching his arm. He was placed in the same dorm as Rawya and Clemente, and was joined by Maria Roxha, an Albanian-Italian witch. They were then introduced to Cosmas, their dorm house-elf, who was very energetic and eager to serve their every need 

1994 Quidditch World Cup and Sons of Grindelwald

On August 25, 1994, Pietro, his family (including Mateo and his uncle Rico) attended the Quidditch World Cup finals in Britain. They traveled via portkey, and after reaching the camp grounds, they met up with the Zaghloul family, with whom they shared a large magically-enlarged tent with. They had seats in the Top Box thanks to Antoine calling in a favour with the event's organizer Ludo Bagman. Pietro enthusiastically cheered for the Bulgarians, as did most of his family, and was disappointed when the Irish came out victorious. He did, however, get his Bulgaria jersey signed by Viktor Krum.

The Sons of Grindelwald burning down the camp grounds

While fans were still buzzing over the previous night's match, the camp grounds were soon teeming with dark-robed figures. Riots broke out all over the grounds and unknown wizards began attacking the tents of wizards and witches. While the grounds were going up in flames, Pietro took de facto control of the Auror security force "led" by Nymphadora Tonks and helped make sure everybody was out safely.

During the firefight, Pietro saved Tonks by pushing her out of the way. Afterwards, Pietro and his brothers ran towards the nearby forest, dodging and firing curses the whole way. They eventually got away and found their family, but they were informed that the body of the tournament organizer Ludo Bagman was found, with a bloody message on the nearby wall that told everybody to "Beware the Sons of Grindelwald".

Triwizard Champion

Olympe Maxime: "The champion for New Alexandria is...Pietro Maximoff!"
Pietro: "Goddammit..."
— Pietro's reaction to being chosen as New Alexandria's champion.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, host of the resurrected Triwizard Tournament

On October 30, 1994, he, alongside Headmaster Anastas Zabat and eleven other New Alexandrian students, traveled to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic to attend the Triwizard Tournament being hosted there, arriving in a flying Byzantine Dromon, guarded by four Justinian Honour Guards, making quite the entrance, impressing both the Beauxbatons' faculty and student body. After their entrance before the Welcoming Feast, he and his schoolmates sat in the table across from the Veela Fleur Delacour, who enticed the male students in her allure, albeit subconsciously. Pietro took the opportunity to steal his classmates' deserts, seemingly unaffected by the Veela charm, much to the shock of Fleur and her friends. Fleur confronted Pietro after the feast, along with her friends Aimee and Mariette, and demanded to know if he thought her unattractive. After telling his schoolmates to meet him later, Pietro introduced himself and answered the question negatively. After the Veela questioned why he didn't drool, he simply said that she wasn't worth drooling over. An angered Fleur continued asking questions, highlighting her snobbishness, and soon Pietro grew tired of her questions and began flirting with Fleur's friends, much to the Veela's fury. Pietro promptly excused himself and made his way back to the ship.

The Goblet of Fire

Although hoping to simply enjoy what France had to offer, Pietro reluctantly placed his name in the Goblet of Fire after being pressured by the rest of his classmates, who all placed their names in. During the Halloween Feast, he was selected as New Alexandria's champion, much to his dismay. Though initially unenthusiastic about competing, Pietro did take the task of representing his school seriously and began his training for the event right away. At one point, Pietro was confronted by Francois Montague, a pure-blood wizard and heir to the House of Montague, one of the oldest and most influential magical families in wizarding France. After being told he wasn't much to look at by Montague, Pietro embarrassed the pure-blood in front of the whole school by twisting his words in a way that brought his sexuality into question and flat-out stated that he didn't care when the wizard was giving a monologue about his family's status in France. A red-faced Montague lashed out at Pietro, followed by a few of his friends, but was quickly defeated by Pietro's quick skill and backup from his fellow classmates.

Dragon Pitt and Broom Race

Fleur Delacour: "That...that is a dragon."
Pietro: "Why yes...yes it is."
Fleur Delacour: "That is a goddamn dragon!"
Pietro: "How very perceptive of you Miss Delacour."
— Fleur Delacour stunned at the sight of a dragon, much to Pietro's amusement.

The Hungarian Horntail, one of the most dangerous dragons in the world and Pietro's Dragon Pitt foe

The first challenge of the tournament was called the "Dragon Pitt", where each champion would pick a miniature dragon out of a hat, and would have to successfully steal a golden egg from the dragon's nest. Before the challenge, Pietro greeted his family, which included his step-brother Mateo. He introduced them to the Delacour family, who was also attending the Challenge to cheer Fleur on. He noticed Gabrielle, the youngest Delacour child, seemed to have a crush on Mateo, as she would shyly turn her head whenever he would look at her, which amused the two families. When the champions were picking their dragons, Pietro was unfortunate enough to pick the most dangerous dragon of them all: the Hungarian Horntail. Viktor Krum picked the Chinese Fireball while Fleur Delacour was stuck with the Common Welsh Green. Because he had the most dangerous dragon, Pietro was allowed to be the last champion to go out. For a couple of minutes, Pietro tried unsuccessfully to grab the egg while he dodged the dragon's scorching hot fire left and right. Frighteningly, the wards restraining the Horntail failed and the dragon started attacking spectators. The teachers and other wizards maintained a protego maximus to keep it from harming the spectators, but could not help Pietro without dropping the spell and putting other lives at risk. Pietro then used the Caeva curse, a cleaving curse taught to him by his step-brother in preparation for the challenge, and miraculously succeeded in cutting the dragon's head off. Pietro unfortunately collapsed from magical exhaustion due to the amount of energy channeled into the curse's casting.

Although he finished the challenge in the longest amount of time and was unsuccessful in getting the dragon's egg, the fact that he killed the dragon got him perfect scores across the board (except for Igor Karkaroff, who opted to award the champion a seven out of ten). After awaking from his collapse, Pietro was visited by Romanian Minister Robert Lupei and awarded the Order of the Star of Romania for showing great valour in the fight against the dragon. The next challenge was revealed to be a broom race. A course was set up around the grounds of Beauxbatons, consisting of a long track going through not just the school grounds, but inside the school buildings as well. The champions would have to navigate through tight corridors in between the long stretches of outdoor racing. Outside, the champions would have to go through hoops and even dodge a living tree that would try to attack them. The race took place on 7 December but during the race, Pietro's broom started acting up; the malfunctioning broom sent him straight to the ground near a living tree which proceeded to attack him. He managed to escape but his broom was damaged, forcing him to forfeit the challenge. Although it was never proven, most people, including Pietro, believed Igor Karkaroff jinxed the broom in order to give his champion a better chance at winning. Regardless of whether he jinxed Pietro's broom or not, Igor was still disappointed with the result of the challenge, as Fleur went on to amazingly beat Krum and win the race.

St. Annibal and the Yule Ball

Fleur Delacour: "Well, it is too early for me to make a decision, but I will certainly keep you in mind."
Pietro: "Oh dear me, I apologize Miss Delacour, I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea; I was actually thinking of Aimee. So Miss Lévesque, have you a date to the Ball or will you give me that honour?"
Aimee Lévesque: "Wh-me?! You want to...you want to go with ME?"
— Pietro asking Aimee Lévesque to the Yule Ball

Aimee Lévesque, the Beauxbatons student Pietro asked to the Yule Ball

When the Yule Ball was announced, it started a sort of panic in some of the New Alexandrian students. There were six male and six female students from New Alexandria attending the tournament, so it was suspected, correctly, that they would all go to the Ball with each other. So, in an effort to promote inter-school cooperation, Headmaster Zabat prohibited anybody from attending the Yule Ball with a partner from the same school. Durmstrang Headmaster Karkaroff issued the same proclamation. The reaction to the prohibition was as one would expect, the school body was furious. Pietro was planning to attend the ball with Rawya, but after the announcement, he decided to try his luck and ask Fleur Delacour to the Ball. However, when he went up to ask her, he changed his mind, and instead decided to have a little fun. He struck up a conversation, hinting at asking as "pretty witch" to the Ball, whom Fleur assumed to be her. After she said that it was too early for her to make a decision, he made it clear that he was asking Aimee, not Fleur.

The reaction was, as Pietro described it, "one for the record books". Ignoring the furious glare of Fleur and the shocked expressions from her friends, Pietro simply waited for a reply. After Aimee got over her shock and decided that she would think about it, he left the Great Hall suppressing his laughter. Later, Aimee confronted him and inquired as to if he was going with her just to make Fleur jealous, because if so, she would not accept. Pietro, understanding her concern, made it clear that although he did initially wanted to ask Fleur, he changed his mind because he felt that Aimee's less aloof attitude and easy going nature would make a better date. Aimee, seemingly satisfied with the answer, accepted his offer, but not before emphasizing that she was already taken and that their date for the Yule Ball would remain platonic.

St. Annibal, magical France's alps-based wizarding village

A couple of weeks afterwards, Pietro sought Aimee's companionship for a trip to St. Annibal, a wizarding village in the French Alps. Aimee, believing him to be asking her out, refused without a second thought, but after Pietro insisted he only wanted someone to show him around the village, she accepted and the two made their way to St. Annibal. At the village, the two began at "Le Chamois Blanc", the village's inn and pub, where the two enjoyed a glass of wine and spoke about their childhoods. Pietro highlighted his complicated relationship with his stepbrother and Aimee described her experience with divorced parents and her competitive relationship with her Veela half-sisters.

Pietro later treated Aimee to hot chocolate and the two began talking about school life in New Alexandria and Beauxbatons respectively. Near the end of the day, the two partook in a snowball fight after Pietro threw one in her direction while she wasn't looking and tried to play innocent. The snowball fight led to a wand duel with snow spells being thrown in each other's direction, leading to getting soaking wet and calling a truce, collapsing in exhaustion on a nearby bench. Aimee subconsciously rested her head on Pietro, who in turn wrapped his arm around her while the two watched the fairies dance and twinkle around them. At some point, the two nearly shared a kiss, but Aimee stopped her self while their lips were millimetres away from each other. Aimee then instantly voiced her suggestion that they should get back to the school because it was late, and the two made their way back to Beauxbatons. Not a word was spoken until Pietro broke the silence as they approached the front gates, apologizing for his inappropriate behaviour and inquired if the two were still on for the Yule Ball. After a smiling Aimee rebuffed his "unneeded apology," she took responsibility for the near-kiss, blaming it on her confused feelings and reaffirmed her intention to attend the Yule Ball with him.

Beauxbatons' Main Hall, the Ball's venue

At the Ball, Pietro wore his formal New Alexandrian dress robes: ornate white robes with a cloak. Aimee wore a long, silk gown that was coloured silver. Pietro and Aimee opened the Ball with a beautiful dance alongside Viktor and Fleur and their dates, Rawya Zaghloul and Roger Delacroix respectively, in the Champions Waltz. Although Pietro and Aimee had reserved seats at the head table with the staff, both of them voiced their desire to sit with their friends, and were redirected to table number eight, which was occupied by Mariette, Clemente, Maria and their respective dates. While looking at the menu, Pietro was as confused as everybody else when trying to figure out what to eat; the menu had all the food items in fancy cursive French writing sans descriptions, so most people at the ball had no idea what the items on the menu were. Although Pietro could read French, he still had no idea what items like 'crème brûlée' and 'café liégeois' were, so he had to get Aimee to tell him what the items were. Pietro and Aimee ended up sharing an appetizer consisting of baguette and an assortment of cheeses, after which they ordered 'coq au vin' and 'canard à l'orange' for their respective main courses paired with a bottle of champagne. During the feast, Pietro noticed Fleur repeatedly looking over at their table, and before he knew it, Aimee ordered a crème brûlée and began feeding him the dessert. Catching onto Aimee's plan, Pietro took his spoon and returned the favour, with the two flirtatiously conversing while their friends around the table tried very hard to hold in their laughter at Fleur's murderous expression.

After they had finished their dessert, Pietro decided to play a prank on Headmaster Zabat. Transfiguring a napkin into a mistletoe, Pietro levitated it above his headmaster and the giantess Madame Maxime. Casting a sonorous charm, he directed the attention of everybody in the ballroom to the head table, where a murderous-looking Headmaster Zabat and embarrassed Madame Maxime were the brunt of hoots and howls. The two reluctantly placed a quick kiss on each other's lips, much to the amusement of the rest of the Ball. In Greek, Zabat shouted light-hearted murderous threats towards Pietro, who was shedding tears from laughing so hard. Just prior to the dancing began, a Beauxbatons student started a fight with a Durmstrang student from the neighbouring table. Pietro was the first to stand up and pull the French boy off of the other student, and when the Beauxbatons student pulled out his wand, Pietro disarmed him and broke his wand, which shocked everyone in the room. The French student was subsequently escorted out of the Hall and Madame Maxime ordered everybody to return to their meals.

The Lonely Creeps performing at the Yule Ball

When the music finally hit, Aimee dragged Pietro to the dance floor where they began dancing to the sound of Canadian wizarding band The Lonely Creeps. After quite a long time of rock and roll, the tempo began to slow while Pietro and Aimee adapted accordingly. After the end of the first slow song, Pietro and Aimee switched partners. After slowly swaying to the music with his best friend, Pietro approached the seemingly abandoned Fleur for a dance, whose face seemed to light up after being asked. After inquiring as to why she was alone, Fleur told Pietro that she and Roger had a "disagreement" and he stormed off. The two began talking about how the Ball was going, with Fleur remarking that he and Aimee seem close. Pietro rebuffed that remark by stating that her boyfriend would probably disapprove, and that he had his eyes on another woman. Just as he finished that statement, the music stopped, and Pietro returned to Aimee, much to Fleur's dismay.

After the Ball ended and Pietro escorted Aimee back to her dorm, he expressed his disappointment that the night was over. Aimee then said that the night did not have to end and invited Pietro inside her dorm. Inside, Aimee pulled out a bottle of wine and poured them both a glass while she made conversation. They spoke for awhile but Aimee didn't seem to concentrated on conversation. After finishing his glass, Pietro remarked on how later it was. A lustful Aimee responded by affirming his statement, taking off her dress in one fluid motion and offered Pietro to stay the night. After Pietro replied "I thought you'd never ask," Aimee caught him in a bruising kiss, and despite her apparently having a boyfriend and emphasizing that the Yule Ball was to stay strictly platonic, the two spent the night together.

Sword Duel, Vladimir Kozlov's death and Courtyard Skirmish

"If that bastard is dead, you'll get no sympathy from me."
―Pietro showing no remorse for defeating Vladimir Kozlov in his duel.

The legendary Sword of Alexandria

The following challenge was announced to be a sword duel. Each champion would pick a partner from their school to be their teammate in a sword fight against the other two teams. Without a second thought, Pietro asked Rawya to be his partner, who happily accepted. Many nights were spent training with the Justinian Honour Guards in the art of sword duelling. Pietro and Rawya got so good at it, they held their own against their school's security forces and eve managed to disarm one of them (though the guard was taking it easy on her). Not long before the planned date of the challenge, Headmaster Zabat requested an audience with Pietro. He and Zabat took a Portkey back to New Alexandria, where Pietro was brought to the outskirts of the school grounds. There lay a sword stuck in the ground, but its history was of no mystery to anyone at the school. It was the legendary Sword of Alexandria that was seemingly permanently stuck in the ground, said to be impossible to be pried from its resting place even by a Giant. The sword was thought to only be able to drawn by one who would absolute require it to defend New Alexandria, but the headmaster believed it would answer to the school's champion. Zabat urged Pietro to try his hand at taking the sword. During this time, a crowd of students gathered around the site, which made Pietro rather nervous when he grabbed the sword's hilt. Upon his handling of the weapon, he froze in place and felt some sort of magic course through his veins. Closing his eyes, Pietro grabbed hold of the hilt with both hands and drew the sword from the ground with one quick pull. The students around them were shocked and waves of cheers erupted in the crowd.

Pietro returned to Beauxbatons with the sword, but was kept secret from everyone. When he returned to training, Pietro was seemingly augmented in his abilities with a sword and during he and Rawya's final duel, they were able to keep all four Honour Guards at bay. When Pietro and his partner arrived at the stadium, they learned that Viktor chose his friend Vladimir Kozlov as his partner while Fleur chose Aimee. Madame Maxime introduced Pietro and Rawya, and after doing so, Pietro unsheathed the Sword of Alexandria, which made the New Alexandrian crowd cease all chatter. Headmaster Zabat then made his way to the centre of the stadium and proudly christened Pietro the wielder of the Sword of Alexandria, which led to an eruption of cheers. After the duel began, Pietro went after Fleur while Rawya took on Krum. After it was clear that the Veela was incredibly outclassed by him, Pietro taunted Fleur and flaunted his sword around as a way of humiliating her, which made the Beauxbatons students in the crowd rather embarrassed. Although she managed to cut his cheek, Pietro disarmed Fleur and forced her to kneel and admit defeat. Fleur then proceeded to tearfully exit the arena in embarrassment. Pietro aided Rawya by taking the attention of the two Durmstrang students as Rawya switched her sights to Aimee. Keeping the two burly Slavs at bay, Pietro managed to knock out Kozlov, and after much swordplay, shattered Viktor's own sword and forced him to kneel and admit defeat, which was met with deafening cheers not only from his own classmates, but from the student body of Beauxbatons as well. As Aimee was defeated by Pietro's partner, she and Pietro double teamed the now reawakened Kozlov. Fearing defeat, Kozlov used a wandless curse on Rawya and promptly summoned his broom via the accio spell and sped away from the arena. After checking on his best friend, Pietro followed him after calling a broom via the same spell and chased Kozlov to the Beauxbatons Main Hall where the two engaged in their own duel.

After a solid few minutes of sword fighting, the duelling pair found themselves on the third floor, where Pietro disarmed Kozlov in one swing and kicked him through the large rear window, sending him crashing down to the courtyard below. Pietro and the other students arrived at ground level to find Kozlov's bloody, lifeless body. The healer on site concluded that he died on impact with the ground. This killing enraged the Durmstrang headmaster and he fired a killing curse directly at Pietro. However, Mateo cast his own killing curse and the two spells collided half-way and fizzled out. Karkaroff rallied his students and faculty while Pietro was backed up by fellow students, teachers and family, with Mateo giving him his wand. The Beauxbatons courtyard then became a battleground as a skirmish broke out between the two sides. The battle lasted a few minutes before finally being broken up. Although the skirmish didn't seriously injure anybody, the Beauxbatons Courtyard suffered nearly a thousand galleons worth of damage and enraged Madam Maxime, who scolded the other two headmasters. During dinner in the Main Hall, Fleur, who had been humiliatingly defeated in the Sword Duel, angrily inquired as to why Pietro would embarrass her like that. After he replied that "if [she] wasn't useless with a sword she wouldn't have been so easily defeated," Pietro was met with a slap in the face; Fleur, however, was met with nearly a dozen wands aimed at her from the other students in turn. The Veela promptly stormed off without another word.

Later the next day, Pietro met with Krum, hoping to prevent anything like the skirmish in the courtyard from happening again. Pietro managed to talk to his schoolmates and got them to let go of their anger toward the Durmstrang students, whom he argued were either in an emotional state or simply following their headmaster's orders for fear of punishment, which at Durmstrang can be pretty severe. One night, in the middle of dinner, Viktor Krum and the rest of Durmstrang stood in the Main Hall and called Pietro out. Pietro then stood up and signaled the rest of his schoolmates to follow. Pietro and Krum confronted each other while the rest of their respective schoolmates crowded around. They stared at each other for a few moments while the rest of the Main Hall prepared themselves for another skirmish. Then, to everybody's shock, they simply smiled and embraced each other; the rest of their schoolmates followed suit and the supposed skirmish ended before it even began. They then sat together at an empty table and spoke with each other. Needless to say, everybody in the Hall was either incredibly shocked or confused, with Headmaster Zabat later recalling that his ribs began hurting from laughing so much at Karkaroff's furious expression.

The Underwater Rescue challenge

Mateo Maximoff: "You saved the Veela girl..."
Pietro: "She wasn't in any danger."
Mateo Maximoff: "No, but you didn't know that, and yet you still went against the rules and pulled her from the Lake; some would call that heroic."
Pietro: "Don't start that crap. I'm no hero, I did what anybody else would have done [...]"
— Pietro and his step-brother after the events of the challenge

Gillyweed, the magical plant that allowed Pietro to navigate the depths of Beauxbatons Lake

The Triwizard Coordinator announced the next challenge to involve champions having to dive into the lake near Beauxbatons to retrieve something that was stolen from them, though the item was never specified. Pietro initially settled on using the bubble-head charm to breath underwater, but a chance encounter with a Herbology book made him change his mind and procure gillyweed, which in addition to allowing him to breath underwater, was able to make his hands and feet webbed as to make it easier to navigate the depths. When the champions arrived at the dock in order to start the challenge, Pietro was horrified when it was revealed that the thing that they were to retrieve from the lake was a person; in his case, it was Rawya, while Viktor's hostage was his little brother, Petar and Fleur's hostage was her little sister, Gabrielle. After witnessing Fleur jump into the water screaming her sister's name, Pietro didn't wait for the official to begin the task and jumped in after her.

Gabrielle while she was a hostage in the Underwater Rescue challenge

Pietro arrived at the Mermish Village at the same time as Viktor. After Viktor cut his hostage loose, he reminded Pietro that time was running out. He asked Viktor if he saw Fleur, which led the Bulgarian to answer with a shake of his transfigured head. After Pietro told Viktor to go on, he decided to wait for her, but after Fleur failed to arrive, Pietro tried to cut loose Gabrielle. The merpeople refused to allow him to take her and told him to only take his own hostage. Refusing to leave Gabrielle, Pietro stunned the merpeople and cut both Gabrielle and Rawya loose, saving them both, finishing the challenge over the hour time limit. However, he was given extra points for rescuing another hostage and was caught in a fierce kiss by Fleur after delivering her sister to shore. Fleur later revealed that the reason she couldn't complete the challenge was due to her Veela magic's fire nature, which was severely weakened when submerged in water and left her defenseless against the eel attack that drove her back to shore. This revelation prompted Pietro to storm off and beat up the Triwizard Coordinator who organized the challenge; he had to be pulled off by Viktor and Mateo to prevent him from severely wounding the man.

Maze Run challenge

Sphinx: "What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?"
Viktor Krum: "..How the hell are we supposed to solve that?"
Pietro: "[...] I got it! It's a river!"
— The Sphinx giving Pietro and Viktor a riddle

Pietro's Phoenix patronus, which was used in locating and saving Fleur Delacour

After the coordinator was healed of his injuries, he announced the final challenge: the Maze Run. The Maze Run would consist of the champions navigating a maze to reach the Triwizard Cup, all the while having to avoid dangerous obstacles and creatures. As Pietro was the leader of the tournament in points, he was the first to enter the maze, followed by Viktor and then Fleur. The first obstacle Pietro encountered was a Manticore, which he managed to narrowly kill with a well-placed Reducto. A couple of minutes later, he heard a nearby scream and used his patronus to locate the source, believing it to be Fleur. He was proven correct as he came across an incapacitated Fleur about to be pounced on by an Acromantula. Driven by pure rage, Pietro viciously attacked the spider and used the Caeva curse to cut off its right legs and used a Reducto so powerful that it blasted the Acromantula into a myriad of pieces. Tending to Fleur, he shot up red sparks and stayed with her until being reassured several times that she would be alright and that he should continue on with the challenge. Pietro continued, albeit reluctantly, and proceeded through the maze. Upon reaching the Sphinx, Pietro met up with Viktor, who had been there for some time trying to answer the riddle given to him. When Pietro was given the riddle, he managed to solve it and gave Viktor a rude gesture while going through, infuriating the Bulgarian.

The Triwizard Cup at the end of the Maze Run

While past the Sphinx, he entered a larger field, with a long, narrow passageway in the middle which showed the Triwizard Cup in plain sight. Pietro sprinted towards it, but was met with the large figure of a Minotaur. As Pietro readied for battle, Viktor surprisingly came up next to him and readied his wand as well. Pietro took a quick look back, where he noticed the Sphinx was stunned unconscious. With a roll of his eyes, an exasperated Pietro said "really?", earning a laugh from his Bulgarian rival. After a nod between the two champions, Pietro and Viktor began firing spells. After awhile, Viktor was knocked unconscious by the beast and directed all his attention on Pietro. Pietro managed to wound the Minotaur several times, but it seemed to only make the beast angrier. The Minotaur pinned Pietro to the ground, but just after he casted a protection charm, the Minotaur was hit with a killing curse from behind. A wounded Viktor emerged and helped Pietro get back to his feet. The two then gazed at the cup, redirected their eyes to each other and proceeded to make a dash for the object. Pietro narrowly outran Viktor, which angered him to the point of throwing hexes and curses at him. Just prior to reaching the cup, Pietro cast a rebounding protego right as Viktor cast a stupefy, which deflected from the Italian's shield charm and hit Viktor square in the face, knocking him out and allowing Pietro to take the cup.

Triwizard Tournament winner and aftermath

Fleur Delacour: "Mister Maximoff, am I not attractive?"
Pietro: "Miss Delacour, you are very attractive."
Fleur Delacour: "You do not drool like the rest, why is that?"
Pietro: "I do not know; perhaps it has something to do with me being in love with you."
— Pietro and Fleur after the former wins the tournament

After arriving back at Beauxbatons, Pietro was met with thunderous roars of cheering from not just the New Alexandrian students, parents and teachers, but the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang crowds as well. Pietro was swarmed by his fellow students, with Mateo and Marco putting him on their shoulders as he held the Triwizard Cup high. They dropped him in front of Fleur, who playfully reenacted her first words to him. After Fleur asked him why he didn't drool like the rest, Pietro surmised that it could be because he was in love with her, prompting Fleur to return his response with a kiss, marking the beginning of their romantic relationship. After Viktor was awoken by the staff, he gave Pietro a firm handshake and called him "a worthy opponent."

After being presented his prize money of one-thousand galleons, Pietro immediately presented it to Madam Maxime, stating that he has no need for the money and that it was the least that he could do after he and his classmates damaged the Beauxbatons courtyard. After doing this, he was enveloped in a tearful bone-crushing hug from the half-giantess. Alain Delacour, by then the French Minister for Magic, awarded Pietro with the Order of Montague, the highest honour awarded in Magical France. Looking back at his meeting with Robert Montague, Pietro turned down the medal, later stating that "If the medal is named after that inbred bigot, it isn't much of an honour." This caused an uproar in France, mostly by the pure-blood families, but there were a good number of wizards who remarked on the courage shown by the man but some criticizing the apparent shaming of the Order of Montague from his refusal.

Upon returning to Egypt, Pietro was awarded the Medal of Horus by the Ministry and became a celebrity overnight for being, in addition to the first New Alexandrian champion, the first champion of the Triwizard Tournament in over two hundred years. Pietro graduated from New Alexandria that year and decided to return to the school and enroll in its university program. The summer was spent in France with Fleur and her family touring the beautiful country, and although they had only been dating for a couple of months, Pietro proposed to Fleur in late-August, who happily accepted.

University years

Pietro began his first year as a University student in 1995 and Fleur took a job at Gringotts in Egypt to stay close to him. Pietro's godfather, Petros, allowed Fleur to stay in his home in Jaharta. Being a University student, Pietro was entitled to his own dorm in the University dorms on campus. Instead of moving all his things there, he moved all his things into the cottage in Jaharta, leaving his dorm empty with exception of a vanishing cabinet, which connected to a vanishing cabinet in the master bedroom at the cottage. Thanks to the cabinets, Pietro and Fleur were able to spend every night together.

In the summer of 1996, Pietro invited Fleur to Italy and, much like the summer he spent in France, spent the time touring the country and seeing what the country had to offer. The next summer, the Delacour and Maximoff families were invited to spend the summer at his godfather's mansion on the island of Corfu in Greece, with the two families thankfully getting along well.

Later life (1998 - 2017)


Pietro and Fleur were married on July 17, 1998. However, the bachelor party set up by Marco occurred three days prior, on the 14th. Pietro and his groomsmen decided to go Muggle for the night. The group traveled to Monte Carlo where they engaged in a wild night of partying, gambling and car chases. They got kicked out of Monte Carlo for winning too much money, trashed their expensive hotel suite and got into the biggest police car chase in Monacan history, where the drunk friend managed to evade Muggle police for over half an hour before disillusioning themselves and sneaking past police. When Pietro returned home the next day, Fleur showed him the news report of a police chase in Monaco, to which Pietro simply smiled, prompting Fleur to verbally berate her laughing fiancé.

Fleur, Pietro's bride, in her wedding dress

The wedding itself was an outdoor ceremony taking place in Corfu, Greece, and was attended by over one hundred guests. Pietro's best man was his little brother, Marco and the maid of honour was Fleur's best friend and Pietro's Yule Ball date, Aimee Lévesque. It began on three o'clock in the afternoon and Fleur's mother remarked that it was such a beautiful ceremony that it reduced most of the guests to tears, a claim rebuffed as an exaggeration by Fleur.

After the wedding, the newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Europe, spending a month on a road trip in Pietro's Ferrari F50 across western Europe, starting in Portugal, driving up to Germany and finishing down in Istanbul, Turkey. After the honeymoon, Pietro took Fleur to Montegona, a private island off the coast of Naples and introduced it to her as their new home.

Tracking down the Sons of Grindelwald

Fleur Delacour: "I'm pregnant..."
Pietro: "Y-you're pregnant? That...that's—"
Fleur Delacour: "—Amazing, yes. [...] I won't have my child grow up without a father; tell me you will come back to me, promise me dammit!"
— Pietro speaking to his wife before his departure

Not long after the wedding, the Sons of Grindelwald openly threatened the Delacour family with the murder of Fleur and Gabrielle. Alain, desperate to protect his family, began searching for ways to hide his wife and children. Mateo agreed to hide the Delacours at his house in Romania, which is under the fidelius charm. At the same time, Alain was creating a task force of experienced wizards and Pietro was asked to be a part of it. After Pietro brought Fleur to Mateo's house, Fleur initially refused to let Pietro go, citing the fact that they had just married and that she didn't want to lose him. Unfortunately for Fleur, Pietro was committed to stopping the terrorist organization. Realizing that she could not convince him to stay with her, Fleur revealed that she was pregnant and tried to make Pietro promise not to leave her a widow and their child fatherless and return home safely. However, Pietro refused to make a promise he could not keep, and after one last kiss to his wife, the Italian departed, but not before making his step-brother promise him that should he not come home, Mateo will take care of Fleur and their unborn child.

Pietro and Marco were summoned to the Eiffel Tower in France, where Minister Delacour introduced the two to the rest of the task force; six wizards and four witches. Most of them were from different countries, so French was used as a common language between the wizards. All of them were animagi, so the task force would track the Sons of Grindelwald in their animagus forms. Alain gave them once task; find the leader of the Sons of Grindelwald and "cut the head off the snake." Pietro was named leader of the group and the task force departed on 17 September 1998, beginning their search in the Carpathian Mountains, where several terrorists were known to set up bases of operations. The task force, dubbed the "Wolf Pack", met with the Vampire leaders of Transylvania, who gave the wizards information on a high-ranking member of the Sons of Grindelwald who was known to stage attacks from the mountains. Days were spent combing the mountain range, when finally the Wolf Pack stumbled upon a deserted hideout, which was proved to be one used by the Sons of Grindelwald because of the presence of an altar with Gellert Grindelwald's picture on top. Immediately after, reports of an attack by the terrorist organization surfaced in Hungary, where the Hungarian Minister's mansion was vandalized, with a message from the Sons of Grindelwald taking credit for the attack.

For the next two weeks, the Wolf Pack chased lead after lead until they successfully captured a high-ranking terrorist of the organization. Through the use of Veritaserum, the Wolf Pack learned of the Sons' next target; the German Minister for Magic. The German Minister was viewing a wizarding play with his wife before the Wolf Pack showed up and warned him of the attempt on his life. The Minister and his wife were evacuated but the Sons of Grindelwald managed to still attack the theatre, injuring many attendees. The Wolf Pack, along with the German Aurors, defended the civilians to the best of their ability, stunning several of the attackers. The captured terrorists were subsequently interrogated, however the German government forbade the use of Veritaserum on them. Frustrated, Pietro dragged one of the terrorists to a secret location and tortured him until he finally told him that the leader of the Sons of Grindelwald is in their camp in the Black Forest. After the interrogation, Pietro executed the terrorist and marched into the German prison where the rest of the prisoners were kept, killed them all, and disappeared with the rest of the Wolf Pack towards the Black Forest.

The Wolf Pack attacked the Sons of Grindelwald without warning; a massive skirmish broke out in the

Physical appearance

Apolline Delacour: "He is quite the handsome individual..."
Dominique Laurent: "He is still a Maximoff [...]"
— Apolline Delacour and her mother discussing Pietro's good looks

Pietro Maximoff, aged 14

Pietro, upon entering school, was described as tall for his age, though "on the skinny side." He resembled his mother more than his father though the resemblance between Pietro and Donatello was noticeable enough that people recognized him as his son. He had long hair even as a child, though back in his early school years it was unkempt. Pietro was an early bloomer and was one of the most physically mature students in his class, something that caught the attention of some of the female students. Pietro was the same height as his mother, at one metre and eighty-three centimetres, or six-feet tall. In his late teenage years and into adulthood, Pietro preferred to keep a light beard.

Pietro Maximoff, aged 36

Pietro also sported a well-built body, which was unusual because he did not participate in Quidditch, instead opting to work out using Muggle techniques. Pietro has had several scars throughout the years, including, but not limited to: a scar on his right wrist from a potions accident shared with Rawya, a scar on his cheek from when Fleur slashed him during the Sword Duel of the Triwizard Tournament, a scar on his chest from a fight with a Minotaur during the Maze Run challenge, and a scar on the left side of his left eye sustained as a result of a bar fight. All of his scars were magically healed, except for the first one, which he keeps as a mark of friendship between him and Rawya as she has an identical scar on her left wrist.

Personality and traits

"He is so much like him it astounds me. He walks around with the same profound arrogance, the same determination to break the rules and the same borderline addictive thirst for sexual conquest. He is his father all over again."
―Astronomy Professor Aslan Burak's rather spiteful description of Pietro

Pietro was praised by his Headmaster as being his favourite student of all time. Pietro was known to be brave, selfless and unwaveringly loyal; he put the interests of his friends and loved ones before his own and willing to put himself in front of another to prevent them from being harmed, evident from him sheltering Rawya Zaghloul with his own body when the two were attacked by a rabid Hippogriff and tackling Nymphadora Tonks to save her from an approaching killing curse when the Sons of Grindelwald attacked the campgrounds at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. Although accused of being arrogant, especially by Aslan Burak, the truth is that Pietro simply has a high degree of self-confidence and would sometimes embellish his abilities in a joking manner; it is also worth noting that Professor Burak was biased because he had a disdain for Pietro's father, whom he went to school with. Pietro could also be seen as hot-tempered and impulsive, two traits which has led him to be rude to figures of authority whom he holds a personal dislike for. For instance, Professor Bennett, an Israeli wizard and New Alexandria's head of its sports department, frequently spat with him. Pietro disliked his arrogant attitude and showboating regarding his sports medals; this rivalry also extended to the professor's wife, who he believed was bias towards members of Quidditch teams and was an "all-around bitch." This willingness to stand up to those who would normally intimidate anybody else extended to people who were physically larger than him, an attitude that was either foolish or fearless, depending on who you ask. Although Pietro's attitude may seem much for some, the general consensus of New Alexandria's staff and students is that he was "funny, likable and talented."

Personally, Pietro was easy going and quite charming. His self-confidence extended into the way he talked and was always a great conversationalist, able to chat with almost anyone for a lengthy period of time. He always had room for more friends and would never turn away someone in need. Although he was quite vulgar when conversing with friends and utilized a lot of slang in his sentences, he could speak like a pure-blood gentlemen of the highest class at the flip of a switch. He was also known to be brutally honest and never one to let anybody bring him down, no matter if they were a fellow student, teacher or the Minister for Magic himself. Pietro was described as a "satirical asshole" and a "ball-breaker" as he constantly made light-hearted jokes at others' (and sometimes his) own expense. He was also very sarcastic, never missing an opportunity to make a sly joke or witty comment, which routinely got on his professors' nerves. Many students have remarked that Pietro was very proud, as well as independent, and hated being at the mercy of others, especially when it came to monetary concerns, which plagued him during his earlier years at New Alexandria; Pietro had refused to go out with his friends on more than one occasion on the grounds that he didn't feel too well, when in reality, he had no money to spend at Jaharta and hated having to get others to pay for him. Pietro was also known to have what people called an "iron word," where whenever he would make a promise, he would always make good on it.

Fleur Maximoff, his wife

Pietro's capacity to love is one of his most admirable traits. Whether it be his parents, his wife or any of his friends, Pietro loves those close to him unconditionally, making him extremely loyal and protective of those he considers his loved ones. His love for his wife Fleur is undoubtedly the strongest; he dislikes having to leave her every day to go to work. His children are the light of his life, with Pietro always wanting to raise his children to be as great as they could possibly be. He puts immense trust in his friends and seldom worries about them breaking it. If anyone wronged his friends or family, Pietro took it very seriously, often embarking on a quest for retribution for whatever deed was done to harm them, and depending on the deed, it could be violent; he once broke a kid's leg in his town for hitting his cousin, despite it being a relatively harmless encounter. Although Pietro had a great capacity for love, he was a ruthless individual when dealing with terrorists like the Sons of Grindelwald, where he took part in the execution of many of their members, something known only to a select few people.

Pietro's attitude towards Muggles is quite admirable. Pietro's years of growing up and working in Muggle Italy and his fascination with the Muggle world in general has made Pietro very accepting of Muggle culture but understands that both are very different and should remain separate for the foreseeable future. He is very critical of witches and wizards who think the magical world is above the Muggle one, as Pietro sees both worlds as having their ups and downs. Pietro is considered the foremost expert on Muggles in Europe and completely revamped the curriculum taught at the European Magical University, as much of it was either wrong or outdated.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Duelling: Pietro is a natural dueller and could take on wizards much older and more experienced. From a young age, Pietro aced his Defence courses and would sometimes take over for the teacher. When the Sons of Grindelwald attacked the campground during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, Pietro helped the Aurors fight the wizards and bought time for the others to escape. During the Triwizard Tournament, after defeating Vladimir Kozlov, Pietro was able to hold his own against Durmstrang Headmaster Igor Karkaroff, a much older, more experienced wizard and former Death Eater.
  • Animagus: Pietro was able to become an Animagus at the young age of sixteen, assuming the shape of the extinct Dire Wolf. He was unregistered, and as such, kept the information of his ability a closely guarded secret.
  • Multilingualism: In addition to his native tongues of Italian and Neapolitan, as well as New Alexandria's curriculum language of Greek, Pietro is fluent in several Italian dialects, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Arabic. His vast linguistic knowledge came in handy, especially during the Triwizard Tournament, which was hosted at Beauxbatons, a French school.


  • Wand: Pietro's wand is among his most prized possessions, not least of which because it being the wand of his deceased father; Donatello De Santa. It was purchased by an eleven-year-old Donatello and it measures at 13", is made of Laurel wood and is complete with a phoenix feather core. This wand has been through more than most wizards' wands and has been the tool used to take down dragons, dark wizards and everything in between.
  • School bag: The school bag Pietro kept was a grey messenger bag charmed to be light and carry five times the space. Pietro used it for all ten years at New Alexandria and in it, he kept his textbook, quills, parchment and other school items, as well as prohibited items he kept in the two secret compartments within the bag. The bag was given to Pietro's son, Donatello, which he began using when he started attending New Alexandria in 2012.
  • Journals: Pietro kept a few Journals during his years at New Alexandria, writing in them every so often. The journals were, naturally, very personal and contained all of his deepest secrets. His first journal was a light brown leather-bound soft cover book that contained entries from his first four years at New Alexandria. His second journal was a larger black leather-bound journal with his initials stamped on the front; this journal being used during his fifth through seventh years at New Alexandria. His final journal was a large but thinner black hardcover book with the coat of arms of the House of De Santa on the front cover, containing entries during Pietro's University Years at New Alexandria. After graduating from New Alexandria his journals were entrusted to his best friend Rawya, who read them and in turn, entrusted her journals to him.
"No can do Pietro, it is yours. [...] I don't think you quite grasp how incredible of a feat pulling that sword out of the ground was. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has been able to do that in the millennia that sword has been here. The sword has chosen you, keep it."
―Anastas Zabat refusing to take the Sword of Alexandria back from Pietro

The Sword of Alexandria

  • Sword of Alexandria: The Sword of Alexandria is an sword of unknown origin with a history that is shrouded in mystery. It was found stuck in the earth just outside of the school. Nobody could pull the sword from the ground, no matter how strong the individual; even Giants couldn't pluck the weapon from the rock. It was then believed that it was enchanted to only unearth itself for one who is either worthy or in desperate need of its services. During the Triwizard Tournament, Pietro was able to pull the sword from the rock and use it in the Sword Duel challenge, and later was the weapon that cut down Vladimir Kozlov. After the Triwizard Tournament, Pietro wanted to return the sword to the school, but Headmaster Zabat refused and insisted that "the sword has chosen [him]." It was then hung in Pietro's dorm at the New Alexandria Airship and later mounted on the wall of his private study at his house.
  • Dante De Santa's pocket watch: Pietro received a pocket watch from Petros Galifinakis on his seventeenth birthday, which was entrusted to him by Pietro's father before his death. The pocket watch has been passed down from father to son for generations, given to them upon their coming of age.
  • Enchanted razor: Pietro received an enchanted razor as a wedding present from his father-in-law Alain Delacour. It was said to "give [him] the smoothest shave [he] will ever have." He continued to use the razor even into his thirties.
Fleur Delacour: "This place is so...it's so beautiful!"
Pietro: "Yes it is, and it's all ours."
— Fleur's reaction after Pietro unveiled their new private island
  • Montegona Island: Pietro acquired the island of Montegona just after he and Fleur became engaged. The Italian Ministry of Magic approached Pietro and gave him an offer on the island at a steal of a price as a sort of thanks for everything Pietro had done for his country. Although Pietro bought the island in 1995, just before he began his University education at New Alexandria, he didn't mention the island to anybody until after his honeymoon, to which he unveiled the island to Fleur, who was left nearly speechless afterwards.
  • Maximoff Manor: The mansion was erected after Pietro purchased the island, and in addition to housing his wife and kids, houses Mateo, his wife Gabrielle and their children. More recently the house became home to Aimee Lévesque and her own two children.

Overtime, Pietro has collected several Muggle vehicles for when he spends time in the Muggle world, including:

  • Fiat 125 S: This car was discovered by Pietro and Marco when they were while coming home from work in Rocca d'Angelo. It was broken down and left abandoned on the side of the road. Over the months, the car was restored by the two and they used it regularly, enjoying joy rides and evading the Muggle police for fun, often while intoxicated. The car had no seat belts, was coloured green, had whitewall tires and a black bonnet. As of 2017, the car resides with Marco and hasn't been driven in over a decade; the Maximoffs keep it more as a reminder of their good times while they were young.
  • Ferrari F50: Pietro was fortunate enough to acquire one of these rare Ferraris in 1995. It is a convertible and was the car Pietro and Fleur used to drive around Europe during their honeymoon. Pietro continued to use the car on occasion as recently as 2017 and is kept in a garage on the Italian mainland.
  • Alfa Romeo 156: Pietro acquired one of these as his personal vehicle whenever he was in Italy. Purchased in 1997, this green car was Pietro's personal vehicle for many years. Over the years he made several modifications both visual and mechanical. Pietro used this for his daily driver for nearly twenty years and has since kept it in his garage on the mainland, waiting to pass it onto his son when he gets his license.



Fleur Delacour

Fleur Delacour: "Am I not attractive?"
Pietro: "[...] Miss Delacour, you are very attractive."
Fleur Delacour: "You do not drool like the rest, I want to know why."
Pietro: "I see you hold your looks in high regard. [...] Forgive me Miss Delacour, but you are not THAT attractive."
— Fleur cornering Pietro after the Welcoming Feast, demanding to know why he is not affected by her allure.

Fleur Delacour, the love of his life and mother of his children

Fleur and Pietro got off to a rocky start at first. While Pietro and his classmates were at the Welcoming Feast, his male classmates and those from Durmstrang were in a daze and some even drooling at the sight of Fleur, who was sitting at the table across from Pietro and the New Alexandrian delegation. Pietro was, however, unaffected by Fleur's allure, which bewildered Fleur and her friends. After the feast, Fleur confronted Pietro about it, but her arrogance and bad attitude led to Pietro irritatingly and unabashedly saying she was not worth drooling, and proceeded to make Fleur even more furious by flirting with her friends.

Pietro seemed to warm up to Fleur in the coming weeks; at the Dragon Pitt challenge, Pietro gave her a sincere wish of good luck, which made her feel a lot less nervous. When Fleur finished the challenge and retrieved the egg, Fleur was sent to the hospital wing for her injuries, but she quickly returned so she could watch Pietro's performance. After the Dragon broke loose and started endangering the spectators, Fleur tried to go and help him, but was stopped by Madam Maxime. Following Pietro's collapse of exhaustion, Fleur remained in the hospital wing and stayed by his side for as long as she could. He also congratulated Fleur on her victory in the Broom Race, even though Pietro's broom malfunctioned.

Although Pietro was going to ask Fleur to the Yule Ball, he made a split-second decision and asked her friend Aimee instead, infuriating the Veela. During the actual ball, Pietro hadn't taken his eyes off his date while knowing full-well that Fleur, who attended with fellow Beauxbatons student Roger Delacroix, was eyeing him jealously the entire night. He did, however, steal a dance with Fleur towards the end of the night, but swiftly went back to Aimee after it ended. Between the Yule Ball and the Sword Duel challenge, Pietro's feelings for her began to deepen, but after he embarrassed Fleur in their sword duel, she refused to speak to him for weeks. In the Underwater Rescue challenge, Pietro began worrying when Fleur didn't show up to rescue her sister. Going against the Merpeople's instructions, Pietro cut Gabrielle loose and brought her to shore along with his own hostage. This led to Fleur giving Pietro the biggest French kiss of his life. Afterwards, Fleur confided to Pietro that she nearly died in the lake, which prompted the latter to nearly murder the tournament coordinator in rage for allowing the challenge to potentially harm her.

In between the previous challenge and the final one, Fleur and Pietro became very friendly towards each other, shamelessly flirting non-stop, which frustrated their friends who thought they should just "lock themselves in a room and shag already". In the Maze Run, the final challenge, Fleur was incapacitated by an Acromantula and injured. Pietro killed the spider and stayed by her side after sending up red sparks, not continuing the tournament until being reassured several times by the professors that Fleur would be okay. After reaching the cup and therefore winning the Tournament, he was carried around by his classmates, who dropped him in front of Fleur. The Veela playfully reenacted their first conversation by inquiring as to if he thought she was unattractive, to which Pietro provided the same answer. However, after Fleur asked why he didn't drool, Pietro gave a different answer, saying that it was probably because he was in love with her. That answer was rewarded with a passionate kiss, which signified the official beginning of a relationship between the two.

Pietro proposed after only two months, but the two had a three-year long engagement. During that time, Pietro spent the summer of 1995 in France with Fleur's family, Fleur spent the summer of 1996 in Italy with Pietro's family, and the two spent the summer of 1997 in Greece with Pietro's godfather and Fleur's godmother. Pietro and Fleur married in Greece on 17 July 1998 and spent their honeymoon on a month-long European road trip. However, Pietro and Fleur weren't able to enjoy being newlyweds for too long as the Sons of Grindelwald threatened the Delacour family shortly afterwards, forcing Fleur and her family to go in hiding while Pietro hunted the the group down as part of a wizarding task force, but not before Fleur revealed her pregnancy to her; Fleur conceived a child during their honeymoon in Europe. After an agonizing three weeks, Pietro successfully dismantled the terrorist organization and returned home to Fleur.

Mateo Maximoff

Mateo Maximoff, his step-brother

Mateo Maximoff: "I don't understand. I mean, I hated you; hated your family for years and you just accept me back just like that?"
Pietro: "Pretty much."
Mateo Maximoff: "Why?"
Pietro: "Everyone makes mistakes. What's important is that you owned up to them and came back."
— Pietro speaking with Mateo after he took him back into his family with open arms.

Rawya Zaghloul

Rawya Zaghloul, his best friend and former lover

Pietro and Rawya have been best friends since the two met on the airship to New Alexandria back in 1988. She was initially shy, blushing and stuttering during their first meeting, but Pietro and Rawya instantly clicked and the two became inseparable afterwards. Pietro and Rawya found that they shared a similar history; Rawya had lost her father as well, in addition to her mother, and was raised by her aunt and uncle.

Rawya and Pietro were very close during their time at New Alexandria, with the two seldom seen anywhere not holding hands when they were younger. Around the time of their fourth year, Pietro began to see Rawya in a different way. He admitted he was attracted to the Egyptian witch, and it seemed that feeling was mutual. For fear of ruining their friendship, these feelings were put off and not explored, not until the night of Rawya's victory in the school's Quidditch championship finals, where upon returning to their dorm, Pietro and Rawya ended up sleeping together. Though the two agreed not to pursue a romantic relationship, they did continue a physical one that would continue on-and-off until the end of their schooling.

The bond between Pietro and Rawya seemed instantaneous, as if they were always meant to meet each other. The two had several things in common; they connected with each other through mutual interest in things like history, sports and duelling and both liked to help others in school if they could. She possessed a quick-mind and was very witty, which attracted Pietro more so than her looks. Much like Pietro, Rawya had an almost allergic reaction to homework and written assignments, though she eventually dropped most of her classes to focus on Quidditch.

Aimee Lévesque

Aimee Lévesque, his Yule Ball date and close friend

Aimee Lévesque: "You know I have a boyfriend right...?"
Pietro: "Ah, I was not aware. So it is a no then...?"
Aimee Lévesque: "I did not say that; Sebastian has graduated and is currently busy with pure-blood politics to attend the Ball. You...intrigue me mister Maximoff, therefore I accept your invitation."
— Aimee agreeing to be Pietro's date to the Yule Ball.

Being Fleur's cousin and best friend, Aimee and Fleur were inseparable while in school, so when Pietro saw Fleur, Aimee was right there next to her. The first interaction the two had was when Fleur decided to confront Pietro after realizing his allure immunity during the Welcoming Feast in 1994. When Fleur began to question if Pietro was attracted to her, Pietro began to shift his concentration towards Aimee and began flirting with her in order to get on Fleur's nerves. Aimee blushed and stuttered when being flirted with and it only made Fleur frustrated towards Pietro.

When the Yule Ball came around, Pietro was initially going to ask Fleur, but changed his mind at the last second and asked Aimee. This enraged Fleur but confused Aimee, who accepted though stressed the fact that she had a boyfriend, who graduated the year before, and that the date would stay strictly platonic. Over the next few weeks, the two became friends and they had a good time at the ball, so much so that Pietro and Aimee spent the night together in her dorm, despite her having a boyfriend. Afterwards, Aimee was part of the Sword Duel challenge as Fleur's partner, though did not duel Pietro; Aimee instead duelled, and was subsequently defeated by, Pietro's partner Rawya Zaghloul.

Although Pietro genuinely liked Aimee and admitted that if given the chance, he could've easily grown to love her, he was enamoured with Fleur and decided to pursue a relationship with the Veela. Their night together after the Yule Ball was seldom talked about again and the two continued to have a close friendship afterwards, with Aimee being the Maid of Honour at Pietro and Fleur's wedding and being the godmother of Pietro's youngest child; Vittoria. When Aimee went into labour with her first child, Pietro learned from Fleur that her husband was away on a supposed business trip and was not there to be at her side. Pietro immediately flooed to the French hospital where she was located and stayed with her through the entire labour process, which Aimee was incredibly grateful for. Pietro then became the godfather of the child; named Claire Fleur Rousavall, much to Aimee's husband's chagrin.

In 2017, when news of Aimee's husband's infidelity came to light and she sought divorce from the man, Pietro offered his home to her and her family. Aimee and her son Sebastian moved in with Pietro's family in Montegona, where they reunited with Claire, who sought shelter with the Maximoffs after running away from home due to being neglected by her father.

Claire Rousavall

Pietro and Claire have a very close relationship, one akin to father and daughter. Their closeness began the moment Claire was born; Pietro had stayed with her mother, Aimee through the delivery because of her husband's absence. Aimee named Pietro the godfather not long afterwards, much to the displeasure of Claire's father, Sebastian. Claire's relationship with her father was practically non-existent; Sebastian essentially pretended like he didn't have a daughter, and when Claire's brother Sebastian Rousavall III was born, her father clearly favoured him. Because of this, Claire found her father figure in Pietro, who treated her like she was his own daughter. Claire eventually took to calling him "dad," or "papa," which caused quite a commotion on Christmas Eve, 2014 when Claire accidentally called Pietro "papa" in front of everybody.

Claire's nature of her relationship with Pietro and her attitude towards her father led to many disagreements with her extended paternal family, who treated her like she was ungrateful and felt that Claire should be proud she has a father like Sebastian. In truth, Claire was abhorred to call herself a Rousavall, and seriously contemplated changing her surname to Maximoff, but was dissuaded by Pietro because he did not want to cause a scandal that could potentially discredit the Rousavalls, no matter how much he didn't care for them. After a nasty fight with her father in the summer of 2015, Claire ran away from home and sought shelter with Pietro and his family, who happily took in their unofficial daughter. When the news of her father's infidelity came to light, Claire disowned most of her family while her mother and brother joined her at the Maximoff residence.

Pietro always acted as a confidant to Claire and was always there for her, especially during tumultuous times with her father. At no time did Claire need Pietro as much as in the summer of 2017, when she confided her pregnancy to him. Claire had been dating Alessandro Alborosie for some time, but the two decided to take some time apart after quite a nasty fight. During this time, Claire had a one-night stand with her ex-boyfriend Matthieu Bayard, which conceived a child. Unfortunately, Matthieu wanted nothing to do with the baby, and so with nobody to go to, Claire came to Pietro and broke down. After Claire explained her situation, Pietro declared that he would help her in anyway he could and that her child would be welcome into Maximoff Manor. Claire ended that conversation by stating that she intended to give the child his surname.

Potter Family

Nymphadora Potter: "You don't remember me..."
Pietro: "Uh...I'm sorry, should I?"
Nymphadora Potter: "Oh, probably not, it's been over twenty years after all. [...] You helped us when those Dark Wizards attacked during the World Cup; I'm that klutz you pushed out of the way of a killing curse."
Pietro: "[...] Huh...you've changed your hair colour."
— Pietro and Nymphadora meet for the first time in twenty-two years.

Pietro became acquainted with the Potters in the 2016-2017 school year. He and his wife first met Daniel and Nymphadora Potter at Hogwarts' famous Winter Ball. At this time, Vittoria Maximoff was attending Hogwarts as part of a student exchange program with Beauxbatons Academy, and was very close to Teddy Potter. Hoping to get the two families acquainted, Daniel Potter invited the Maximoff family to spend the weekend at their house. Previously, Pietro had met Nymphadora Potter over twenty years earlier, while she still went by Tonks and was still a junior Auror for the British Ministry of Magic. The two attended the 1994 Quidditch World Cup finals; Pietro as a spectator and Nymphadora as part of a security detail. When the Sons of Grindelwald began terrorizing the campgrounds, Pietro aided the Aurors in covering the evacuation of civilians. During the fight, Pietro saved Nymphadora from a terrorist by pushing her away from a killing curse.