The Office of Transportation is a division of the Department of Magical Affairs. It is responsible for regulating all magical means of transportation within Wizarding America.


Apparation Administration - The Apparation Administration is responsible for licesnsing all apparators in the United States, and detecting any unauthoring apparations.

Broom Administration - The Broom Administration regulates all long-distance broom flights in the United States. It requires flight plans to be filed for any journeys longer then 100 miles, to avoid Muggle detection.

Biological Transportation Administration - The Biological Transportation Administration regulates the use of Thestrals and other magical creatures used for transportation.

Floo Network Administration - The Floo Network Administration is responsible for the upkeep of the American Floo Network.

Portkey Administration - The Portkey Administration is responsible for tracking and regulating portkey use with the United States.

Mechanical Transportation Administration - Mechanical Transportation Administration regulates the use of cars, motorcycles, and the like, that have been bewitched to fly.

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