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Molly Elizabeth Weasley (nee Prewett), (b. 30 October 1950), is the matriarch of the Weasley family and the secondary antagonist in the 'Eye of the Basilisk' series. Wife to Arthur Weasley, mother of Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron Weasley, and Ginevra Prince-Slytherin (nee Weasley), as well as the younger sister of Fabian and Gideon Prewett, Molly is fiercely protective of her family and will kill just to make sure they are safe. Behind Arthur's back, she is having an affair with Albus Dumbledore. Molly is also the mother-in-law of Kamaria Prince-Slytherin and from her and Ginny, gained two granddaughters: Aquarius Zuko (b. 2003) and Katara Neptune (b. 2007).

After Albus was incarcerated in Azkaban for life, Molly and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix were tried and only half of them were found guilty as the other half was under compulsion spells, potions, and memory charms. Molly was a part of the half that was guilty and it was discovered that she was pregnant with Albus's child. Escaping her punishment, Molly exiled herself from Magical England and swore revenge; divorcing Arthur and was never heard from again.