The House of Braganza (Portuguese: Casa de Bragança; Portuguese pronunciation: [bɾɐˈɣɐ̃sɐ]), officialy the Most Serene House of Braganza (Portuguese: Sereníssima Casa de Bragança), is an important imperial, royal, and noble house of Portuguese origin, and a branch of the House of Aviz, which in turn is a brach of the Portuguese House of Burgundy. The House evolved from being powerful Dukes of the Portuguese nobility, to becoming the ruling monarchs of Portugal and the Algarves from 1640 to 1910 (in the muggle world, as the Portuguese monarchy still exists in the magical world), and as the monarchs of Brazil.

The House was founded in 1442, when Afonso, 8th Count of Barcelos, an illegitimate son of King João I of Portugal, a member of the House of Aviz, was made Duke of Braganza, as Duke Afonso I of Braganza by his nephew, King Afonso V.

While non-portuguese genealogists have classified the descendants of Queen Maria II and Fernando II into a separate house, commonly named the House of Braganza-Saxe-Goburg and Gotha, the Portuguese constituition of 1838 states that "the Most Serene House of Braganza is the reigning house of Portugal and continues through the Person of the Lady Queen Maria II".

Upon the death of Maria I of Russia, her titles passed down to her daughter, who was a member of the House of Habsburg-Anemas.

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