Template:Character infobox Lord Henry Weaver, Baron of Kinnimoore is the Prime Minister of Kinnimoore. As a Lord of Parliament, he holds the title Lord, and as Prime Minister, was awarded the title Baron. Weaver was elected to his third eight-year term as Prime Minister in 2002. Weaver is rather liberal for his age, and regularly tries to increases trade between Kinnimoore and the rest of the Wizarding World, much to the chagrin of the more conservative, isolationist Lords of Parliament. The common citizens of Kinnimoore adore Lord Weaver, who has been a Lord of Parliament since 1962.

Lord Henry's rival in the Parliament is Lord Bender, who takes the opposite stance against Weaver on nearly every issue. Even though Bender has spent more time in the Parliament, Weaver, as Prime Minister, has seniority.

Parliament of Kinnimoore

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