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Failure to comply may result in a block or ban.

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In order to identify users and attribute comments and votes on talk pages, forum threads, and other discussion pages on Harry Potter Fanon, user comments must be signed. This is particularly important on pages where voting is involved: votes which are unsigned and undated may be considered invalid.

The standard signature on Wikia (produced via ~~~~ or ~~~ to provide a signature with out the date) consists of a simple link to your user page. This can be customized in your preferences under "user profile." You can create a custom signature by checking the "raw signatures" box, and entering the MediaWiki code for your new signature in the "Nickname" field.

There are several restrictions you must follow when creating a customized signature:

  • You may only have one picture in your signature. This picture may not:
    • Be an animated .gif file.
    • Be more than 20 pixels in height
  • You must include your actual user name, or an image depicting it, in your signature.
  • You may have only one font color.
  • Other then a link to your userpage, you may include only two relevant links in your signature. You may use them to link to your talk page, contributions, etc.

The following are specifically prohibited:

  • Magic words such as {{PAGENAME}}.
  • Line-breaks (<br />).
  • Superscript and/or subscript nesting likethis.