Harry Potter Fanon Wiki

In the Harry Potter Fanon Wiki, a policy is standard that everyone must follow. The policies are drafted and ratified by the bureaucrats and the administrators, and can be modified by them at any time. Failure to obey to the policies will lead to the offender being subject to the blocking policy at the whim of the administration.

The policies relate to three subjects on the wiki, being articles, users and the site itself.


There are three different types of policies. The Article policies (which dictate how articles are to be written), the User policies (which dictate how a user must behave), and Site policies (which dictate how certain aspects of the wiki are managed).

Despite this, the central policy of the wiki is the Charter, a set of rules and principles which rules how the Harry Potter Fanon Wiki is administered. As such, the Charter of the Wiki supersedes all other policies in matters which might be contradictory.

Article policies

User policies

Site policies