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In contrast with the far larger and better known Harry Potter Wiki, which only allows the inclusion of canonical and non-canonical content present within official works of the Harry Potter franchise, the Harry Potter Fanon Wiki is an encyclopaedia for fanonical and fan-fictional content, created by fans of the Harry Potter franchise. As such, we strive to be the Internet's foremost comprehensive resource in all matters related to Harry Potter fanon and fan-fiction, despite our current size.

In light of this, do not create articles that contain only canon information (or officially accepted continuity) regarding characters, locations, events, and so forth. Certain pages are restricted to their canon versions, but these serve only to give a minor and very basic information regarding the page's main topic, followed by a link to their article on the Harry Potter Wiki by using the {{Hpwiki}} template.

However, these pages are to be created and edited by the administration team only, being set as protected for that very purpose, and to prevent undesired and unwitting vandalism from people who don't read the guidelines.