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Following the administrative system used by former bureaucrat and sysop Ajrand, and taking into consideration the actual size of this wiki's community, the administration of the Harry Potter Fanon Wiki functions as described below.

"Government of the Community"

While in larger communities such as Wookiepedia, the process of democracy is used to discuss critical aspects of the wiki, in here we don't follow such a process. This community is managed under the principles of an oligarchy. At least for now.

In other words, those wikis are like cities. They could not run smoothly without such referendums. This wiki, being so much smaller, is more like an office. In here, the bureaucrats function as executives, while the sysops are managers. Lengthy review and voting periods are not practical on the scale we operate on. As such, deletion of articles, policy-making, and most other executive functions will be handled on an ad hoc basis by the administrative team.

Once we have grown to a practical number of active users, those kind of channels will be implemented. Until we reach that stage of growth, we will stick to the tried-and-true model developed by Lemniwinks and Ajrand.