Gnarl: "I'm the "master-house-elf", as it were. It's my job to keep this sorry lot in line for Lord Crane."
Harry Potter: "You mean there's more of you here?"
Gnarl: "Of course. There's Quaver, Giblet, Mortis, Grubby, Gloob, Ricket, and Mouldy. The Great House of Crane is a great House, and it requires even greater numbers of loyal house-elves to maintain it."
— Harry Potter first meeting Gnarl

Gnarl was an elderly and wise house-elf who served the House of Crane with humble loyalty most of his life. Unusual for a house-elf, Gnarl was actually free, since he wore a custom set of clothes. However, he chose to remain with his former masters and act as an adviser to the House's head.

He is the de-facto leader of a large group of house-elves who maintain and occupy the House of Black and White for their overlords.

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