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Fritz (b. 1918 – d. 15 July 1944) was a Nazi soldier allied to the Axis, who was charmed by an Imperius Curse and subordinated himself to Drusus Carrow. Fritz is a nickname, the true soldier's name is unknown.


Early life

Fritz was born in Germany in 1918 in a Muggle family, the son of a soldier and a cook. As a child Fritz was educated severely and always wanted to become a soldier. Like his father, Fritz became a German army's cable and together the two joined the Axis and the Nazis during World War II.

Fritz's father died on April 14, 1942 when the German submarine U-85 (1941) was sunk by USS Roper (DD-147).

World War II

While the wizarding world suffered from Global Wizarding War, Muggles lived World War II. Fritz fought in some minor battles, mainly raiding villages and gaining territories for the Nazis. On July 15, 1944, Fritz was intended to protect the banquet celebrated among the Nazis' and Black Brigade's allies. For some time he managed to properly protect the region defined for the banquet. However, when he confronted Drusus Carrow and Donald Meadowes, Fritz panicked to be fighting against wizards and without difficulty for Carrow, Fritz underwent an Imperius Curse.

Under the command of Carrow, Fritz led the group led by Robert Edgecombe to the castle and made ​​his way with Carrow and Jane Abercrombie to face enemy soldiers. However, Fritz died when he was hit by three bullets that hit his chest while protecting Jane and Drusus.

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