The First Dynasty, also known as the House of Laqtinuj, was a noble family which first ruled over the Kingdom of Idloatai, and later ascended to rule over the entirety of Al-Antidia. Founded by the Idloatean general Laqtinuj, the family rose to the rulership of Idloatai by the rise of Laqtinuj to kingship after the death of the child-king Nergal I. The ascension of Laqtinuj was facilitated by his relation to the Idloatean kings, his mother being a legitimate daughter of Idloatai III. As kings of Idloatai, the Laqtinuj clan succeeded in expanding and consolidating a great expanse of lands at the expense of their neighbours, completely annexing a few petty kingdoms in the region. The fortune of the family declined for a brief period prior and during the First War of Ascendency, which led to the death of all legitimate Laqtinujids, the only survivor being the pseudo-bastard Amilanius, who at the age of twelve took control of what remained of Idloatai.

The house would rise again to prominence at the start of the Second War of Ascendency, as Amilanius set out to annex the surrounding states, seeking to carve out a new empire in the region, something which had not existed for millennia since the fall of the Ustrian Empire. His efforts to restore his own version of the Ustrian Empire (with Amilanius himself being a direct descendant of Shalmaner, King of Ustria) led to a rapid expansion of Idloatean territory. The ambitions of Amilanius grew even more, and the Second War reached its peak, with the entirety of Al-Antidia seeking to defend against the new empire of Amilanius. Those that did not surrender were conquered by force, and after a thousand years of war, the entire planet had been unified under the House of Laqtinuj, becoming the first dynasty to rule over the Al-Antidian Empire.

After nearly eight thousand years holding the throne of Al-Antidia, the House of Laqtinuj became extinct when Divine Sovereign Aernaion I decided to abandon the ancestral seat of the Laqtinujids and founded a new city to serve as the capital of Al-Antidia, founding the Second Dynasty as well while starting the tradition which would govern the dynastic transition of the Alluvial Throne.


Royal house
House of Laqtinuj
Preceded by
House of Idloatai
Ruling House of Idloatai
? - 4311
Succeeded by
None; Itself as ruling house of Al-Antidia
Preceded by
Ruling House of the Al-Antidian Empire
4311 - 7951
Succeeded by
Second Dynasty