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Dinosaurs were a diverse group of reptiles of the clade Dinosauria. They were the dominant creatures of the planet for 160 million years before their extinction at the end of the Mesozoic era, while smaller carnivorous dinosaurs survived and evolved into modern birds.

Since the first discovery of dinosaur fossils, mounted dinosaur skeletons have been major attractions at museums and have been fascinating to study by both wizards and non-wizards around the world.

Dinosaurs are also rare forms an animagus can turn into, as well as being forms of the Patronus Charm.


After hearing Madame Olympe Maxime claim that she had "big bones" rather than admit to being half-giant, Harry Potter remarked that the only thing that had bigger bones would be a dinosaur.


Dinosaurs are seperated into 2 divisions and 5 main groups, all based on the structure of the hips and each with the share of one or more evolutionary novelties:

  • Saurischians
    • Theropods
    • Sauropods
  • Ornithischians
    • Marginocaphalians
    • Thyreophorans
    • Ornithopods

Known Species