The Department of Magical Affairs, which is the Cabinet position designated by the Minister of Magic is officially known as Secretary General and runs the government much like a muggle Prime Minister. It is the Department's duty to organize the government . All of the offices underneath the Department are considered Deputy Cabinet jobs and are not appointed by the Minister himself. It is it the responsibility of the Department to seat the Senate and to elect Ministers to report to the Lord Minister who is the Minister of Magic.


All major Ministries must go through the department to have access to the Lord Minister. The Mexicans and Canadians both have envoys working directly for the Department and the British have an owl service with the Department.


The Department is divided into several smaller offices and commisions. These include:

Office of Conservation - This office is responsible for the regulation of magical plants and animals.

Office of Consumer Protection - This office is responsible for enforcing regulations on wands, potions, and other potentially dangerous magical goods.

Office of Diplomacy - This office is responsible for coordination with other magical governments.

Office of Justice - This office is responsible for enforcing magical law in America.

Office of Secrecy - This office is responsible for hiding the Wizarding World from American Muggles.

Office of the Secretary - The Secretary of Magical Affairs and his staff.

Office of Special Services - This office is very secretive, and acts as a sort of secret police.

Office of Transportation - This office is responsible for regulating magical transportation in America, such as flying carpets, broomsticks, apparation, and floo powder.

Department of Magical Affairs

Office of Conservation | Office of Consumer Protection | Office of Diplomacy
Office of Justice | Office of Secrecy | Office of Special Services | Office of Transportation