De Santa is the surname of an old and respected wizarding family from Italy. The De Santas are descended from the ancient Aslan family, a middle-eastern family that can trace its history back to the days of the Parthian Empire. The Aslan family line went extinct in the Renaissance era after Sofia Aslan, the last remaining family member, married Federico De Santa. The De Santa family have largely stayed out of politics but a few members have held political positions since the Renaissance era. Although mainly an Italian family, the De Santas are descendant from a Muggle Spanish family who in turn trace their heritage back to the Magnus family (or gens) of ancient Rome.

The De Santa family is divided into two main branches; Italian and American, but there are several smaller branches in Europe and the Americas. Those of the Italian branch are part of the Most Serene House of De Santa and are considered one of the most respected families in wizarding Italy, whereas those part of the American branch don't have a title, nor do they hold much influence within the wizarding community as for centuries the pure-blood families who had been part of the first wave of immigrants to the new world kept a hegemony over political influence. The Uruguayan branch have produced several Aurors and one Minister for Magic, Arturo De Santa, who held the position from 1935 to 1945.

The De Santa family branched out to America after South Italy's War of Independence. One-half of the family had supported the independence of Southern Italy while the other half supported unification of the peninsula. This pitted family members against each other and they took their respective sides during the war. After the conflict ended and Southern Italy remained independent, those in the family that supported unification left Italy in 1863.

Family history


The earliest wizard in the De Santa family tree is Perotto De Santa, a Muggle-born originally from Spain who fought in the First Crusade. As there was no institutionalized system of detecting magical individuals, Perotto was never informed of his magical abilities; in addition, his bouts of accidental magic were minor and he never thought too much about it. During his time in the First Crusade, Perotto met a Venetian wizard, Gian Renaldo Tiepolo, who saw one of his episodes of accidental magic and told him he was a wizard. In 1098, Perotto returned with Tiepolo to his house in Venice where he trained him to hone-in his magic and develop his skills. During this time, Perotto fell in love with Gian Renaldo's sister, Elisabetta and the two married in 1100.

Family members

Italian branch

American branch

Name Lifespan Notes
Antonio De Santa 1834 - 1912 The founding patriarch of the American branch of the De Santa family. Fought against much of his family during wizarding Italy's civil war and was subsequently disowned and exiled from his home. Married an American woman, Margaret Fisher, and had two sons; Carmine and Franco.
Margaret De Santa 1844 - 1950 An American witch who worked as a healer at a wizarding hospital in the United States. Married Antonio De Santa and bore two children; Carmine and Franco.
Carmine De Santa 1866 - 1981 First born son of Antonio and Margaret De Santa. Became a private detective and amassed a small fortune by using blackmail and extortion on politicians in order to get his family out of poverty. Married Annabelle Macmillan and had two children; Michael and Jenny De Santa.
Franco De Santa 1871 - 1991 Youngest son of Antonio and Margaret De Santa. Worked alongside his brother Carmine in the private detective agency. He never married but fathered an illegitimate Squib child named Alphonse De Santa.
Michael De Santa Born in 1888 Eldest child of Carmine and Annabelle De Santa. Sold off the private detective business and became a Ministry employee, working at the Auror Office. Married Angelique Bouvier, a Canadian witch. After a fight with his father, Michael moved to Canada and cut ties with the rest of his family. He had two daughters; Yvette and Camille De Santa, who married into the Renard and Delacour families respectively.
Jenny De Santa Born in 1891 Youngest child of Carmine and Annabelle De Santa. Became a successful author and bore a child out of wedlock, whom she named Bobby De Santa.
Alphonse De Santa 1899 - 1967 Illegitimate Squib child of Franco De Santa and a prostitute. Grew up in an orphanage and fought in the Muggle "Great War" before becoming a feared gangster during the prohibition era. He had two children; Anthony and Barbara De Santa with his wife; Dotty.
Bobby De Santa Born in 1917 Only child of Jenny De Santa, born out of wedlock to an unknown father. Worked at the Ministry of Magic where he became an Obliviator. Had two children; Anna and Carlo De Santa with his wife; Olivia.
Anna De Santa Born in 1945 Eldest child of Bobby and Olivia De Santa.
Carlo De Santa Born in 1949 Youngest child of Bobby and Olivia De Santa. Married Mexican witch Rosa Mendez and had two children; Michelle and Ralph De Santa.
Anthony De Santa I Born in 1953 Eldest child of Alphonse and Dotty De Santa. Followed in his father's footsteps and led an organized crime syndicate operating out of New Jersey. Married Gloria DeMarco, a half-blood witch, which made the couple's three children; Anthony Jr., Paulie and Dominic, wizards, which completely shocked Anthony.
Anthony De Santa II Born in 1977 Eldest child of Anthony and Gloria De Santa. Was his father's heir apparent, but wanted nothing to do with the criminal life and became an Auror instead, serving on the President of MACUSA's personal security detail. Married the daughter of Russian Minister Vyacheslav Romanov, whose attempted assassination failed thanks to Anthony Jr.
Paulie De Santa Born in 1979 Anthony and Gloria's middle-child. Was the person who reunited the Magical and Muggle branches of the De Santa family. Married his second-cousin Michelle De Santa, the eldest child of Carlo and Anna De Santa, which caused quite the commotion within his family. Paulie is set to inherit his father's criminal empire, but plans to legitimize the family in order to dissociate the De Santa family from crime.
Dominic De Santa Born in 1986 Youngest child of Anthony and Gloria De Santa.