Boogerboos are strangely funny looking ghost like creatures.They are shaped like balls,Have a small "Ghost Tail" two short "hands" a pair of yellow glowing eyes,and a mouth with fangs and tongue.


Despite being harmless,they can still cause trouble.They like to pull nasty "pranks" at people,like making traps,stealing their food,spitting at them,casting their Jinx at them etc.

Powers and Abilities

  • Jinx-The Boogerboo have their magic ability of casting their own specialized Jinx at people.They often use it to pull their nasty tricks and pranks at people.
  • Telekinetic Powers-They can make things levitate in the air with their mind and concentration
  • Hypnotic Power-Boogerboos can hypnotize people to do silly stuff like acting like chickens,ducks,frogs etc.
  • Stinky Mucus and Booger-They can spit their stinky mucus and sprout their nasty booger out of their "Noses"

Amortality And Breeding

Normally a Boogerboo spawns similiar as a Boogeyman,Considering the fact that a Boogerboo is amortal.However despite this they can still be "Born" from Boogeypearls wich get created by a female Boogeyman using its mucus and booger to form a pearl,In order for that to happen the female Boogeyman needs a kiss from a male Boogeyman.

As Boogeymen

If a Boogerboo can get enough nutrition from food that contains fat,sugar and food that is often considered to be delicous,they get the ability to turn themselves into Boogeymen.

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