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Bob Leach (b. 1920 – d. 4 April 1978) was a Squib and the brother of the former Ministry for Magic Nobby Leach.


Early life

Bob Leach born in 1920 to the half-blood Leach family. His father was a potioneer, his mother a midwife and his brother, family pride, the Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic. Being a Squib, Bob can never use magic or study at Hogwarts as his brother, so he had to meet helping his father in the family potions shop and hearing the stories that his brother told about the school of magic. Every two weeks, Bob and his family wrote to Nobby when he was away from home, studying at Hogwarts.

World War II

While the wizarding world suffered from Global Wizarding War, Muggles lived World War II. Unable to help the wizarding world as his parents and his brother, Bob decided to enlist in the British Army as a soldier in February 1943 and fight against the Nazis and the allies to the Axis. As a soldier, Bob survived the invasion of Sicily and was present during the D-Day in Normandy.


Having his brother won the title of Minister for Magic, Bob can take his retirement career as a soldier and start fighting for the Squibs' rights. In 1965, Bob was a leader of the Squib Rights marches, which started its bad reputation among the pure blood families. In 1978, during the height of Lord Voldemort's power, Bob had been persecuted and murdered near his residence in Holyhead by two Death Eaters.

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