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Epithalamium is a novel by Squibstress. It is the second and longest story from the author's Epithalamium series chronicling the life of Minerva McGonagall.

The title is a reference to classical literature. An epithalamium is a poem written to sing a bride on her way to the bridal chamber.

Epithalamium won second place for "Best Romance" in the Minerva McGonagall category in the Spring/Summer 2013HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards and has been both a "Pay It Forward" recommended story and a featured story on The Petulant Poetess archive.


It's 1943, and both the wizarding and Muggle worlds have exploded into war. Eighteen-year-old Minerva McGonagall is brilliant and talented, with dreams of becoming the first witch in the Auror corps. Albus Dumbledore is famous, powerful, and haunted by his dark past Their attraction to one another is unthinkable, inevitable, and dangerous, especially with Tom Riddle watching from the shadows.

As their paths cross again and again, their lives change in ways neither anticipates, and they find they must confront the man who will become the greatest threat the wizarding world has ever known.

Canon characters

Original Characters

  • Thorfinn McGonagall (Minerva's father)
  • Morna MacLaughlin (Minerva's maternal grandmother)
  • Einar McGonagall (Minerva's brother)
  • Elisabeth Bones-McGonagall (Amelia Bones's mother and Minerva's stepmother)
  • Mortimer Borgin (son of the proprietor of Borgin and Burkes)
  • Morrigan Gwyneth McGonagall (Minerva's niece)
  • Katherine McGonagall (Minerva's sister-in-law)
  • Glynnie (McGonagall family house-elf)
  • Charity Anne Burbage (Muggle Studies teacher during Minerva's school days; grandmother of the canon Charity Burbage)
  • Julian Meadowes (Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, 1945-1957)
  • Alfidia Soranus (Hogwarts matron, 1892-1961)
  • Marius Edgecombe (Head of the Auror Office, 1945-1956; Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, 1957-1977, great-grandfather of Marietta Edgecombe)
  • Douglas McLaggen (Auror-trainee with Minerva; grandfather of Cormac McLaggen)
  • Greg McKinnon (Minerva's superior in the Auror corps; Head of the Auror Office from 1956; brother of Marlene McKinnon)
  • Gareth Prewett (Auror; uncle to Molly Weasley)
  • Hildebrand Abbott (Head of the Auror Training Program, 1940-1956; great-uncle of Hannah Abbott)
  • Renate Fassbaender (German magical law enforcement officer; member of the elite team sent to capture Gellert Grindelwald)
  • Ježek (magical law enforcement officer; member of the elite team sent to capture Gellert Grindelwald)
  • Aegeus Shacklebolt (Unspeakable; member of the elite team sent to capture Gellert Grindelwald; father of Kingsley Shacklebolt)
  • Greta Weiss (German magical law enforcement officer; member of the elite team sent to capture Gellert Grindelwald)
  • Konstantyn Wronski (Polish magical law enforcement officer; member of the elite team sent to capture Gellert Grindelwald)
  • Aubert Delacroix (French magical law enforcement officer; member of the elite team sent to capture Gellert Grindelwald)
  • Byron Macnair (first Death Eater to take the Dark Mark; father of Walden Macnair)
  • Orcus Carrow (Death Eater; father of Amycus and Alecto Carrow)
  • Megaera Nott (née Carrow) (wife of Sebastian Nott)
  • Lloyd Umbridge (Slytherin, 1953-1960; brother of Dolores Umbridge; friend of Rabastan Lestrange and Walden Macnair)
  • Finnonula Campbell (Minerva's Gryffindor dorm-mate; granddaughter of the Muggle Duke of Argyll)
  • David Dunbar (Muggle; minister in the Chuch of Scotland; lecturer at Christ's College, University of Aberdeen)
  • Healer Zabini (Healer, Chief of St. Mungo's Spell Damage service; great-aunt of Blaise Zabini)
  • Gordon Smyth (pseudonymous Muggle; travels to Germany with Albus)

Story chapters

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8
  9. Chapter 9
  10. Chapter 10
  11. Chapter 11
  12. Chapter 12
  13. Chapter 13
  14. Chapter 14
  15. Chapter 15
  16. Chapter 16
  17. Chapter 17
  18. Chapter 18
  19. Chapter 19
  20. Chapter 20
  21. Chapter 21
  22. Chapter 22
  23. Chapter 23
  24. Chapter 24
  25. Chapter 25
  26. Chapter 26
  27. Chapter 27
  28. Chapter 28
  29. Chapter 29
  30. Chapter 30
  31. Chapter 31
  32. Chapter 32
  33. Chapter 33
  34. Chapter 34
  35. Chapter 35
  36. Chapter 36
  37. Chapter 37
  38. Chapter 38
  39. Chapter 39
  40. Chapter 40
  41. Chapter 41
  42. Chapter 42
  43. Chapter 43
  44. Chapter 44
  45. Chapter 45
  46. Chapter 46
  47. Chapter 47
  48. Chapter 48
  49. Chapter 49
  50. Chapter 50
  51. Chapter 51
  52. Chapter 52
  53. Chapter 53
  54. Chapter 54
  55. Epilogue

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